Raven Town Planners commenced as a professional consulting agency in the field of town planning on 1 February 1998 and has since operated and traded under the name and style of Raven Town Planners


Raven Town Planners comprises the following members of staff:

Hendrik (Rick) Raven Bsc (TRP)  ACTRP Principal and sole proprietor

Nicholas Ansell BSc (URP) Hons Senior Associate

Maggie Lephale BTech (TRP) Senior Associate

Mothakge Kgatla NDip (TRP) Junior Associate

Danisa Kharidzha B (URP) Hons Junior Associate

Paballo Lekala NDip (TRP) Junior Associate

Carolynne Murphy BA Professional Assistant

Verna Schutte PA to Rick Raven


The main types of activities performed by Raven Town Planners include:


 1. Applications for the establishment of townships in terms of the Town-planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986.

2. Applications for the rezoning of land in terms of the Town-planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986

3. Applications for the removal of restrictive conditions of title in terms of the Gauteng Removal of Restrictions Act, 1996

4. Application for the division of agricultural land in terms of the Division of Land Ordinance, 1986

5. Appeals to the Townships Board, Services Appeal Board and Compensation Court in terms of the Town-planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986

6. Appeals to the SABS Review Board in terms of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, 1977

7. Applications for the purchase of Council owned land, closure of public roads, encroachment agreements, closure of public parks in terms of the Local Government Ordinance, 1946

8. Queries and assistance to a wide variety of professionals, including property valuers, estate agents, architects and attorneys with regard to all administrative matters pertaining to land

9. Expert witness in the High Court of South Africa pertaining to land use rights, interpretation of zoning information and applicability of administrative law